Wooden windows of the Trademark ‘Yak Karpatia’ is style and quality, ecological purity and durability. They create warmth and coziness of your house, provide with comfort and silence, emphasize your wealth and individuality.

The Trademark ‘Yak Karpatia’ produces wooden Euro windows of three-ply saw pine or oak timber ІV-78 of Scandinavian type. Laminated beam was discovered as construction material inFinlandand is considered to be of the highest quality for wooden house construction and wooden windows and doors manufacturing.

The main difference between artificial and wooden materials is the fact that wood is a natural and live material which ‘respires’ thus creating a healthy atmosphere in the house. Due to the technology of laminated three-ply saw timber manufacture the durability, high resistance, dimensional stability and operating ability are provided preserving yet the live beauty, warmth and comfort of the natural material. Wooden windows suit perfectly not only wooden cottages but also city apartments, offices, hotels, holiday camps and recreation zones. Wooden windows are irreplaceable in repair and restoration works as plastic-steel windows cannot decorate to advantage a 200-year-old house. No architect can allow installing any other window type when restoring any architectural sight. Only wooden windows can provide us with some pleasant and comforting atmosphere inside.

A window made of laminated three-ply saw timber doesn’t warp with temperature drop and preserves its shape and size. As laminated saw timber lacks internal voltage it does not contract (0,5%  as opposed to 7 – 10% of unsized timber), does not twist and does not ply. Euro saw timber lacks checks on the surface that guarantees ideal heatproof and waterproof. The last ensures lack of rotting as well as lack of insect and fungus damage. For the prevention of wood age hardening and damage it is percolated with special fermentation chamber.

An important advantage of a Euro window is a possibility of an easy elimination of any surface damage. With due care Euro windows preserve perfect operating ability, as well as ecological characteristics of wood. They also ornament any dwelling in a unique manner.

There exists a stereotype nowadays that wooden windows are percolated with chemical substances that is why they are no better than plastic-steel windows that seal up a dwelling. Some unscrupulous suppliers add hazardous substances that with time poison the customers. On the contrary, all types of glue, lacquer and dye which we use for our windows and doors production are water-based and thus are safe and do not prevent wood from ‘breathing’. That is why we strongly recommend wooden windows by the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ for installing in children’s rooms and for people inclined to allergies.

The obligatory requirements for any window are its high resistance, low sound and thermal conductivity, freeze resistance (which is very important in our climate zone). A customer particular about quality prefers comfort, style and other qualities which characterize the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ windows.


Advantages of Wooden Euro Windows


  1. Wooden Euro windows ‘breathe’ and handle the ideal humidity in a house thus preventing from mould and fungus appearance. Plastic-steel windows create a greenhouse effect.
  2. 2.                                 Wooden window frame preserves warmth in the best way and does not transmit cold that prevents from moisture of condensation on a muft. Heat transmission resistance of a wooden window makes up 0,67-0,77 m²·K/W, plastic-steel windows being of 0,5 m²·K/W.
  3. 3.                                 Due to the technology of laminated three-ply saw timber manufacture completely excludes casting (shrinking, bending), warping with temperature drop, beetle damage, rot, fungi, checking.           
  4. Wooden window frame provides with constant oxygen supply. There is no need to air the room on a constant basis. That preserves in its turn some warmth in a house during the wintertime.
  5. Wooden Euro windows are deprived of hazardous substances.
  6. The TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ wooden Euro windows can have different shapes including round, oval, triangular and keystone.
  7. One can manufacture big-sized windows using Euro saw timber on the contrary to plastic-steel windows.
  8. Wooden windows have a unique structure; you can paint them in any colour or with a transparent lacquer.
  9. 9.                                 You can repaint a wooden window when changing the interior as well as you can easily eliminate scrapes and other mechanical damages.  
  10. Wooden windows are not electrostatic (they do not magnetize dust). One needn’t often wash them. Plastic-steel windows magnetize dust.
  11. 11.                             Wooden window are difficult to replace when creating comfort and they suit perfectly any article of furniture or interior.                  
  12. 12.                             Wooden windows are being bought for a lifetime. With due care their production activity reaches and exceeds 90 years. One can exploit plastic-steel windows up to 40 years.
  13. 13.                             The durability of Euro saw timber windows is 80% higher. The Euro saw timber which is used for the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ window manufacturing resist load up to 320 kg.
  14. 14.                             Wooden windows are resistant to temperature fluctuations from –40o to +40oC, do not warp due to atmospheric and thermal influences. Plastic-steel windows seize by -20 oC that can create cracks.
  15. 15.                             The TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ Euro windows are equipped with burglary protection finish hardware.
  16. 16.                             Wooden windows do not evolve poison when heating or burning.     




Materials and Finish Hardware:

By manufacturing the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ wooden windows only natural wood (oak, pine) is used as well as water-based lacquers and dyes) of the German supplier Sikkens (or any other supplier according to the customer’s requirement). We use the burglary protection finish hardware of the German supplier Roto NT. The warranty maintenance makes up 5 years. All the constructions contain Gutmann  (Germany) holes for condensate yield and waterdrips. For the double glass pane hermetic sealing we use a special silicone densifier.



A couple of words about an important window detail as double glass. The main interchange of heat is conducted through a big area of double glass. We offer double-pane and triple-pane from polish glass of the supplier ‘Pilkington’(England) and the new double glass type Solar. Solar is a multifunctional glass manufactured according to the newest developments of the supplier Guardian (England) with special silver and other metal spraying. Such type of glass preserves warmth better in winter and reflects infrared rays during summer time.

For the special requirement we can install double glass with energy preserving, tinted and mirror glass as well as with argon filling. Before arriving at a decision one has to evaluate a special need for double glass with enhanced characteristics. If your window faces the sunny or north side and it is too hot or on the contrary too cold, or considering the factors where energy perseverance is substantial, one can use double glass with energy preserving characteristics. For the room types which face the street with heavy traffic we recommend triple-pane which possesses advanced characteristics for noise abatement. For recessed balconies, verandas and other premises with big window areas, one has to use thicker glass.


For finishing we use certified water-based lacquers and dyes of the German supplier Sikkens which guarantee health and environment safety, weather fastness and high mechanical stability (approved by the research results of the independent institute of the affiliated branch of the Institute of the Wooden Technology inDresden). The process of Sikkens lacquers production is severely controlled by the quality organizations and provide with the necessary window protection level even with a single lacquer layer. The palette allows implementing the most creative ideas in different colours whereas for those who appreciate traditional texture we offer the laying of Cetol WF 950/ 955 which allows creating a transparent and even surface with two different brilliance levels and different colour shades. All the lacquers are weatherproof, have a UV filter and good adhesion, are safe for health and provide with the appropriate wood protection.



Additional cervices from the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’:

–          Manufacturing of wooden window sills or casing. Casing substitutes for a reveal and window sill and creates a perfect look of the window composition;

–          Transportation to any region ofUkraine;

–          Installing (in case of installing by our craftsmen we give a warranty for 5 years);

–          Production of interior and front doors using Euro saw timber;

–          Manufacturing of linear articles such as built-up lining, floorboards, baseboard (oak, beech, pine).