Wooden Doors
The Trademark ‘Yak Karpatia’ manufactures wooden doors according to the latest technology of laminated saw timber of natural wood (oak, pine, beech) of any size for any purpose. We offer front and interior doors, office and balcony doors, hinged or pull-out doors, solid or with stained glass embedding, dyed in any colour or covered with some transparent lacquer. The wooden doors of the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ are going to be an excellent addition to the interior of either a big house or a small apartment for many years. Even your grandchildren will still enjoy their perfect look.
The doors of the TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ are made of laminated Euro saw timber which preserves its natural wood characteristics, at the same time it keeps its shape and size, doesn’t warp with temperature drop, does not crook, bend, shrink and has an excellent heat proof.
We manufacture doors specially for you that is why every customer’s order is individual and is separately calculated. You have a wide range of architectural glass, various finish hardware of German manufacturers and a wide palette of colours of finish water-based lacquers Cetol WF 956, as well as semitransparent lacquers which underline the wood structure at your disposal.