Subsidiary of the Design and Engineering Department “ORIZON” was created in 2008. Our company mainly specializes in timber processing. In early 2008 it passed through its establishment stage and we launched European standard windors and doors range, gaining the productive capacity of 20 European standard structures per shift.


Our workflow covers stages from log-sawing up to onsite installation of a ready European standard window. To produce our windows and doors made of three-layer laminated timber we use modern timber processing equipment of the well-known European companies such as Weinig, Muhlbock, Polzer and by this reach high accuracy and excellent quality of our products. We also apply ecologically clean water resistant adhesives of D4 class, colorless prime coatings and varnish produced by Glazurit, hardware and fittings manufactured by Sigenia, Roto, Winkhaus.


We offer you wooden windows made of three-layer glued laminated timber and glazing units of different shape and set, room doors and accompanying products out of timber. To produce our windows and doors we use pine, oak, fir and other wood species on customer’s request. Our wooden doors and windows embody unique combination of the ancient Carpathian wood processing customs and traditions and modern manufacturing methods.


The production is a closed-loop system that includes:


1. Lviv, Rivno, Khmelnytsk, Ivano-Frankivsk district forestry enterprises supply raw materials.



2. The timber is cut with a bandsawing machine WRAVOR-1200 Profi-NB made in Slovenia in 2008. Its productivity is 25-30 m3 per shift.




3. Moisture is drawn up from the timber in 3 wood drying kilns  MUHLBOCK VANICEK MB 8000 series V 5.00.08 with software MB net, which provides an optimal drying off of 240 m2 of sawed wood to 8-10 percent moisture content.





4. Three-layer glued laminated beams (68 mm, 78 mm) are made with modern German equipment WEINIG manufactured in 2008, namely:
– cross-cutting line Opticut 150-4
– length finger-jointing line
– moulder Unimat-500
– thickness finger-jointing line Polzer.





In gluing process we apply adhesive Jowat 195.40, 195.30 (multipurpose glue for hard and soft wood), which is certified by standard SHR (the Netherlands), meets durability group D4 under DIN EN 204/205. When the heat resistance is tested according to “Watt 91”, it reaches resistance level of >7 N/mm2. After the gluing process the moisture content is only 10-12%.


5. Due to Weinig equipment one shift can manufacture 15-20 windows:
– cross-cutting line Opticut 90 S
– moulder Powermat-500/017
– window processing center Unicontrol 6 TSNC etc.




6. High quality of the cutting tools is provided by Weinig tool grinding machine Rondamat 960.




7. Spatial attention is paid to a paint coating process. We use Polzer automatic paint-spraying booth (Germany). The paint coating process of the wooden surfaces is divided into 4 steps.




1 step – preservation treatment with transparent impregnant that protects wood from fungi and insects. The preservation substance easily penetrates into wood while it is drawn into the transperant impregnant. This substance does not clog wood pores and after drying out a structure undergoes interim smoothing.


2 step – priming of window and door surfaces in the Polzer paint-spraying booth.


3 step – intermediate coating. It is done to apply paint to all hard-to-reach places. Special attention here is paid to coating of the end sides of a frame, window sashes, frame and sash joints, rails.


4 step – final coating. It is done by spraying paint over window and door surfaces, and by this even and smooth coating of the required thickness is provided. We use paint and varnish produced by Glazurit (Germany) and Gori (Denmark), namely:


– for impregnation  – Glassohyd Holzshutzgrund EN 113, transparent BW 25-0005 RAL- Nr.488, white BW 25-0170 RAL- Nr.489.
They all are soaking agents dissolved in water with polymeric resin, and are characterized by deep penetration into wood pores.
– for priming – prime coating Glassohyd Natura Primer. It is a mixture soluble in water based on low-molecular polymeric resin, which does not clog wood pores.
– for final coating – water soluble paint Glassohyd Natura Finish that fills wood pores. It preserves high flexibility of the surface, stability of color and gloss.


8. Door and window fittings: “Siegenia-Aubi”, Wink Haus, Roto (Germany).


9. Double-glazed units: “Profiland ltd.”, “Karglas ltd.”
The best panes produced by Bor (Russia), Saint Gobain (Slovakia), Pikington (England) are used for glazing units.