The Trademark ‘Yak Karpatia’ conducts laminated three-ply Euro saw timber IV-68 (72х86х6000 mm), IV-78 (82х86х6000 mm) wholesale manufacture using the modern equipment of famous European manufacturers such as Weinig (Germany), Polzer (Germany), Muhlbock (Austria) and others (year of manufacture is 2008). The raw material is transported from the forests ofWestern Ukraine.

The wood board before becoming Euro saw timber undergoes the process of moisture removal in drying chambers with MB net software that enables the drying process up to 8-10% of humidity. After that we thoroughly reject the wood, remove defective areas (with knots, cracks, etc.) and we prepare the base surface for the further processing. On the butt ends of the raw stock one cuts shouldered micro tenons. The selected lamellas are joined endways and are glued in a single saw timber with the help of JOVAT 195.40, 195.30 glue conforming to the quality standards of SHR (KOMO the Netherlands); D4 loading group according to DIN EN204/205 which resists according to WATT 91 standards a load of  >7.0 Н/mm2 (tested by IFT Rosenheim). The humidity level of saw timber after gluing  makes up only 10-12%.

Front lamellas have a radial cut; internal lamellas have a plain-sawed cut. Under these conditions of Euro saw timber manufacturing and due to diverse filament directivity the durability raises up to 80%, the rigidness up to 40% that enables in its turn to manufacture big-sized windows. Due to the modern equipment we ensure high accuracy of geometrical configuration as well as clean surface. The quality is severely controlled by qualified personnel.

The TM ‘Yak Karpatia’ manufactures and transports window Euro saw timber all overUkraineand exports toFrance,Germanyand other countries.